A Digital Currency Exchange Must Declare its Details

If the plans are officially accepted, cryptocurrency platforms must supply digital advantage volume numbers, categorize all customers, and also keep an eye on transactions going in and from their exchange.

The regulations will apply to all trading platforms which deals with cryptocurrencies, and any individual may likewise be considered an “exchange” should they sell electronic assets. For larger companies, there will be “transparency duties” where trading programs will probably be asked to provide data to the Bank Negara Malaysia’s reporting entity.

“A Digital Currency Exchange must also declare its details to the Bank as a reporting association,” clarifies the central bank.
Crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin are not approved Tender in Malaysia.Furthermore, exchanges need to comply Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements when enrolling clients. The objective behind confirming users’ identity intends to present adequate steps against money laundering, and terrorist financing.


“The general public is advised that electronic currencies aren’t legal tender in Malaysia,” the bank’s drafted the statement. “Participants are advised to completely evaluate the risks associated with transactions in electronic currencies — Including risks arising from large volatility in prices and vulnerabilities to cyber-attack which may result in significant losses before dealing with Digital Currency Exchange.
“Clients of virtual currencies will similarly not be dealt with under comprised disputed resolution which exists for regulated financial institutions in case of any dispute or losses.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xNo_C7MVqA


Malaysian Society and Firms May Give Written Feedback on the Legislation Legislation

The recommended guidelines are considered the first initial steps towards making Digital assets apparent in the nation. BNM states they’ll be monitoring Bitcoin in addition to different crypto-currencies to gauge the dangers retail investors face. Further, the central bank is composed comments remarks connected to the drafted legislation, and answers are due by 14th January 2018.