How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The way to stop comparing yourself to other people is a question a lot of people ask themselves when they become frustrated or stressed about something. The explanations for the reason you need to try this are numerous, and in the event that you really wish to achieve your goal in life, then it’s definitely time to stop thinking so negatively about other people’s performances or lack thereof. Jay Shetty is a Forbes 30 by 30 inspirational speaker.

I would love to point out that there are a lot of individuals out there who believe that being compared to the others makes them seem much better, and if you do not want this to happen for youpersonally, then it is definitely time to take a good hard look at yourself. By being contrasted to people, you will start to consider what you can do better, because in the end, everybody wants to be better than another person.

The problem is when we compare ourselves to others, we often compare ourselves to others that are less than us. This will get in the way of their achievement, and this is where this type of self-judgment happens. And while it can be true that other people’s successes can sometimes be disappointing, if you can recall that there are different people around who have had problems which you are still able to overcome, then you will discover that it will make you a much better individual. Here’s a good podcast about self judgement hosted by Jay Shetty.

Now allow me to point out that you don’t have to compare yourself to others, but you do need to learn to view whatever you do as an opportunity to improve yourself. Just because somebody else is doing something differently from you doesn’t mean they aren’t doing this right, and just because somebody else is doing well at something, does not indicate that you can’t.

One way to understand to stop comparing yourself to other people, would be to figure out what has made you successful in years past and also to work on those things that you’ve been able to do. There are going to be times in life when you are going to be less than successful, and in these instances, learning to concentrate on what you are doing well, can help you in more ways then one. But in life, you will find out how to quit comparing yourself to others by emphasizing the good things that you have done which were successful.

Learn how to see the positive things in all circumstances. Concentrate on the things you have done that were positive instead of focusing on the things that you were ineffective with. If you can learn how to focus on the positive facets of your life, then you will be able to put yourself in a position to be much more effective, and also in a position to enjoy success in every aspect of your life.