Selenium Web Driver Advantages and Disadvantages

Selenium Web Display – Benefits and Disadvantages

Selenium is a standout among the very commonly used open source computerized testing package for internet applications. It may be used crosswise over several programs and phases, and undertakings regardless of how you look at it use the Selenium testing apparatus for a part of the QA procedure.

Selenium 2:

Selenium is an Internet testing apparatus. Selenium is a vigorous arrangement of apparatus that is used to document and run internet applications. There are 3 components of Selenium. I.e. Selenium is created from three notable instruments that has their own particular pieces. Selenium is absolutely free and open source.


Selenium 2 provides drivers:
• Mozilla Firefox
• Google Chrome

• Opera
• Apple iPhone
• Android apps

Selenium-IDE is your Integrated Development Environment for construction Selenium test instances.

Factors of curiosity about Selenium-IDE:
It’s anything but hard to use. It’s play and record emphasize and we could similarly write our own augmentations and actualize circles, even if explanations, use exhibits, parameterize evaluation instances. Selenium-IDE is extremely simple to comprehend.

Impediment of all Selenium-IDE:
It has introduced as an additional on Mozilla and operates only on Mozilla. IDE can not take a shot apps aside from Mozilla. That’s the motive RC or webdriver can be used.

Selenium Remote Control (RC) is a test device that allows you to compose customised net application UI evaluations in almost any programming dialect.

Favourable Conditions of Selenium-RC:
Selenium Remote Control is outstanding for analyzing complicated AJAX-based web software. Selenium Remote Control may be used for any coffee content enabled program.

Impediment of all Selenium-RC:
In RC we must commence the server over and above i.e. RC totally depends on server. Exchanging between the respective cases of a similar app is not possible. Exchanging between the numerous occurrences of the identifying programs is not possible.

Selenium Grid is a host that permits tests to use internet program occurrences working on remote machines. Together with Selenium Grid, 1 server goes about as the centre stage.

Webdriver makes direct calls into the program using each app’s local aid for computerization. Selenium Webdriver doesn’t depends upon the server. We can straightforwardly conduct the projects/contents from the basic strategy. Selenium Webdriver is extremely basic, easy to use and to the stage.

• No need to start selenium server.

• you are able to find directions of any query utilizing Webdriver.
• You can certainly mimic tapping front and rear grab of app.
• Keyword driven arrangement is anything but hard to operate in webdriver.
• Webdriver uses local mechanization and doesn’t have exactly the sandbox imperatives of Selenium-RC. It is somewhat faster and doesn’t need a server.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Favourable situation:

• It underpins identifying testing constructions such as JUnit, PHPUnit and TestNg

• If your job is as of today using yet another next-generation tool and needs to proceed to Selenium, It’s difficult since you can not alter over robotization contents made in different apparatuses into Selenium perfect contents
• The QA team ought to be capable of coding which suggests you want to give time and effort and money. It may Be Used only for Internet software
• there is absolutely not any expert help reachable. It implies you have to rely on classes for describing issues. Issues might not really be tended to from the next discharge cycle as It’s done in additional business items
• It Doesn’t fortify manual contents